Written by Caitlin Jans August 17th, 2017

A New Way to Find Fee Free Markets

At Authors Publish we focus on giving more in depth reviews of literary journals, all fee free, of course. Although, if you submit frequently our listings will not be enough publications for you to submit to. Some authors send submissions to as many as 40 publications at once.

Many of the literary journal listing services, such as the service provided by Poets & Writers, make it hard to find out if the market charges a fee. Duotrope makes it easy to see if a market charges fees or not, but Duotrope itself costs money to use.

However there is a new option, and many of you will already have an account to access it. Submittable, the submission manager widely used by many literary journals, has just launched a page where they list markets. On top of that they have a very easy to use filter system so you don’t even have to be tempted by the names of any journals that charge fees.

They call this new service Discover, and it is still in Beta (meaning they know not all of the kinks in the system are worked out yet). You can can access the website here.

The main limitation of this new service is they just list sites that use Submittable, but that is a lot of places now. They also don’t have any additional information regarding response times or acceptance rates, which would be nice.

The other issue is that people use Submittable for all sorts of things, from literary conference panels to film festivals, so you are not just seeing calls for written submission, although the title usually makes it clear what they are looking for.

As well as by fee, you can also search by deadline, or lack of deadline. You have to have a free Submittable account to access all this information, but you will need one anyway to submit to any of the journals listed on the site.


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