Written by Emily Harstone May 7th, 2015

A Quiet Courage: Publishing Microfiction and Poetry

A Quiet Courage is an online literary journal. In their own words they focus on publishing “compelling, poignant, memorable, and well-written microfiction and poetry in 100 words or less.” The title of the piece is not counted towards the overall word count.

They publish new work as soon as they accept it. For this reason you should not simultaneously submit to this market. Even though officially they allow simultaneous submissions as long as you notify them immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

They have a very quick turn around time. Most of the time responding to submissions within a week. Although because it is a one person operation, they make no promises about response times, and they can be much longer than that.

They have no set publication schedule. They update their website whenever they receive new work that they like and want to publish. Each piece that they publish is paired with an image. The pairings are usually very apt.

They accept previously published pieces as long as you submit them as reprints and make it clear where they were originally published.

A Quiet Courage is still a very new publication, but they seem to be off to a strong start, and it helps that they are in a niche area.

They accept all submissions via email. Submissions must be made as attachments.

To learn more about their submission guidelines visit their submission page here. To get a better sense of the kind of work that they publish, visit their main page here.


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