Written by Emily Harstone October 10th, 2013

Absey & Company (Book Publisher): Open To Submissions

Updated DEC 10, 2019. They are no longer in business. Strangely one of their few working web pages is their submission page. Do not submit to them

Absey & Company is currently looking for full length manuscripts to publish. Absey & Company has published many award winning books in the last decade. They are an established small press that publishes full length works of poetry and prose. They are a print publisher that has yet to venture into e-books.

They publish work for children, teens, and adults. They are interested in publishing literary works of fiction, poetry, and language arts.

Absey & Company is based out of Texas. They only accept submissions that are mailed to them. They do not read electronically submitted work or full length manuscripts.

When you submit to Abey & Company you should include a chapter by chapter outline, mention any previous publications (this is when being published in literary journals comes in hand) and other relevant information.  Also include  two to three sample chapters and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Larger publishers such as this one often take up to six months to respond. If you have not heard from them after six months, feel free to send then an email query letter.

To get a better feel for what they publish, go to their website and look at the books in your genre that they published recently. This is a good way to tell if they would be interested in your work.

Absey & Company is respected and established, they have won awards, and you can submit your work to them directly without having to get an agent who will take part of your check. To learn more visit their website here.


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