Written by Emily Harstone November 7th, 2013

Adams Media: Accepting Book Manuscript Proposals

Permanently Closed: Adams Media in late 2016 was purchased by Simon & Schuster. They are no longer accepting direct submissions

Adams Media is open to proposal submissions. They will consider any proposal, even ones by first time authors and authors who do not have an agent. They publish a wide variety of books including cookbooks, self-help books, romance novels, young adult fiction, and the well known “everything” series.

Adams is a larger press and they publish mostly print books, although they also have some e-books. They are one of the largest presses that is interested in authors who do not have an agent.

Adams Media has many  publishing imprints that specialize in different genres and subject matters. You submit to all imprints the same way, by sending your proposal to their central mailing address or their central email address.

Your book proposal should include a description of book’s intended market, an explanation regarding why someone would want to purchase the book, a short personal biography that included any relevant information, A table of contents, and a sample chapter.

Do not email or mail them your manuscript, they only consider manuscripts after accepting proposals. They do not respond to queries about the status of a proposal. If you have not heard back after six months you should assume they were not interested in seeing the manuscript.

Proposals are very similar to query letters so if you already have a query letter written you should modify it to meet the requirements of the proposal. Even though Adams Media does not personally respond to all proposals they are still a good place to submit to. They are an established and respected company that publishes a lot of good work. They have a bigger budget and more experienced editors than most small presses.

If your book is accepted for publication by them, you will still have to help with the finishing touches as well as the marketing, but not to the degree that you would have to at a smaller press. If you want to learn more about Adams Media visit their website here. Learn more about their submission process here.


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