Written by Emily Harstone December 15th, 2016

Albert Whitman & Company: Now Seeking Book Manuscripts

In 2020 they had a serious non payment issues with a number of authors. As authors and agents came forward with these stories, information about other questionable practices came to light. You can read all about these issues here. In 2021 Publishers Weekly published a follow up article, where some of the issues are addressed and resolved. We only continue to list them because they do seem to be putting the work in, but I would still approach them with caution.

Albert Whitman & Company has been around since 1919. I grew up reading a series the best-known series that they have published The Boxcar Children. Over the past few years they have started to focus on publishing a larger number of books each year.

They publish middle grade fiction, picture books, and young adult novels. They consider proposals and unsolicited manuscripts in all of these categories. They publish fiction and non-fiction picture books.

Albert Whitman & Company handles their own distribution and sales to the trade, school, and library markets. They are now focusing more on the trade aspect. They have a new Young Adult Book imprint that has done well so far.

All submissions should be made via email. Although under certain circumstances they will review materials sent through the postal mail. These materials include self-published books and unusual formats that cannot be sent electronically. But you must query them through email first.

If you have not heard from them in six months assume that your work is rejected. If they are interested in seeing more of your manuscript they will respond within six months.

Follow their submission guidelines carefully. They have specific guidelines for each of the categories they publish. To read them in full visit their web page here.

If you want to learn even more about them, there is an interesting article up at the American Booksellers Association Website. Some of the information in this review was learned from that article



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