Written by Emily Harstone April 22nd, 2021

Alcove Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Alcove Press is a new imprint of the established publisher Crooked Lane (which is owned by Bookspan).

Alcove Press is focused on publishing upmarket Book Club fiction that “explores family, friendship, and community”. They are actively trying to publish debut authors as well as established ones. You can learn more about their launch in this Publishers Weekly article.

They are distributed by Random House. They have also partnered with Dreamscape Media, to produce and distribute their titles as audiobooks.

Unlike most publisher websites they are not focused on selling books, because they are distributed through Random House, you actually have to buy their books elsewhere online. Instead they share detailed information about their editors and what each editor is seeking. You can learn more.

The editors all bring a great deal of experience to the table and that inspires trust as well. It’s very easy to get a feel for what they are looking to publish because of the detailed information involving what each editor is drawn to.

As always, only submit if your work seems like a good fit.

Alcove Press’s submission email address is here.


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