Written by Emily Harstone

Amira Press: Open To Manuscript Submissions

They Have Gone Out Of Business

Amira Press started out as a small e-publisher of romance and erotica and has grown considerably over the years. They have sold a lot of e-books and now even have some print editions.

Writers that have been published by Amira speak of then highly. They have good editors and they pay their royalties on a monthly basis. Many authors publish more than one book with them. Each year that they have been around they have expanded and become more established.

Amira Press pays 40% of cover price on e-book sales from their own site, 30% of cover price from other sites (with a few exceptions – details available in the contract) and 8.5% of cover price on print book sales. All books over 50,000 words in length appear to have a print edition.

They are fine with receiving manuscripts that were also submitted elsewhere as long as you let them know, but they are not interested in working with agents.

There are also a number of things they are never interested in, such as books that contain a scene glorifying rape, or exploitation of children. The full list is available on their site.

When you submit to them via email make sure that you follow all their guidelines as outlined on their site.

Also make sure to include a full detailed plot synopsis and a promotional plan for your novel. These are pretty standard requests from smaller publishers in any genre.

To learn all the details about submitting or to learn more about the company visit their website.






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