Written by Caitlin Jans January 26th, 2023

An Anniversary Approaches: Calls for Blurbs and Suggestions

In April 2023, Authors Publish will turn 10.

When I founded Authors Publish way back in 2013, I was still figuring a lot of things out. I was adjuncting at universities and was severely underpaid, but also deeply frustrated with how little resources there were out there for authors who couldn’t pay to attend classes and access information concealed behind a paywall.

I had many wonderful students who were gifted writers that were struggling to figure out what the next step might be without resources. I wanted to change that and make information more accessible to everyone.

In the years since then we’ve expanded into manuscript publisher reviews, eBooks, and the lecture series. We’ve published books that have been taught at the university level and been downloaded thousands of times.

If Authors Publish has ever helped you personally as a writer, or if you are a teacher, professor, administrator, agent, editor or anyone else that has found Authors Publish helpful in the past decade, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at support@authorspublish.com. We’re hoping to put together a collection of quotes/feedback/praise/testimonials for this anniversary.

We are very grateful for all of our long-term subscribers.


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