Written by Emily Harstone May 25th, 2017

Andersen Press: Now Accepting Book Submissions

Andersen Press is a British book publishing company that specializes in Children’s books. They also have an American branch. It was founded in 1976 by Klaus Flugge, and was named after Hans Christian Andersen. Random House has a holding in the company and has a strong association with Andersen.

Andersen Press is open to unsolicited manuscript submissions from authors of picture books and queries from authors of chapter books.

They publish picture books that are approximately 500 words in length (maximum 1000), juvenile fiction for which the text would be approximately 3-5000 words and older fiction up to 75,000 words.

They have good distribution and excellent covers.

All submissions must be made to their London offices through the mail. They try to respond to all submissions within three weeks.

I will say that their was one negative report on the website Glassdoor about working with the US branch of Andersen Press, as an editor. But that was the only bit of negative information I was able to to turn up in my digging.

To learn more visit their submission guidelines here. As always, review their submission guidelines carefully before submitting.


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