Written by Emily Harstone

“How I became a writer.”

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s writing contest! They are listed below.

But first, a bit about our contest series.

Every week we are going to have a contest on our Facebook Page. The contests will change from week to week but the winners will always be published in the magazine. The contest winner and the runners up are chosen by a voting system, and then the editors of Authors Publish will select several additional entries from the rest to be the Editor’s Choice winners.

Below are all the winners of this week’s contest, their challenge was to write their origin story by answering the question: “How or when did you know you wanted to be a writer”

Next week’s contest starts at 9am PST on Saturday, and ends at 10 am on Monday morning.   


“For me, writing has always felt more natural than breathing. Then, on July 13, 2011, my world collapsed when my 46 yr. old husband of 4 years, had a sudden and massive heart-attack, and died. That night, I ran to my computer and started typing furiously. What started as his Eulogy turned into a blog, which morphed into a book, which will be released this November. Writing my pain and saying the truth about death, is what has made me want to begin to live again”

Kelley Lynn

You can visit her website here: http://www.ripthelifeiknew.com/


Runner Up:

“I started writing at 11 I loved the freedom it gave me to speak my mind, express my feelings and hide away for a while. Since then the connection between me and words have become unbreakable. If writing hadn’t of found me, I’d be such a different person. It’s saved me.”

Krystal Jones

You can visit her website here: http://www.wattpad.com/user/Citrus17


Editors Choice Winners:

“Whilst penning excuse notes from my parents, so I could get out of P.E. In later life a Judge praised my ability to tell a ‘good story’ and I made use of my time in solitary confinement, to write my first novel, entitled ‘WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THE BLAME’.”

A.L. Mottley

You can visit her facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/almottley?ref=hl


“In high school my crippling anxiety drove me to spend lunchtime hiding in the library from the adolescent hoard in the cafeteria. As I read more I wrote more, and ended up earning an honorable mention in a regional writing contest. When my it was announced over the PA. There was dead silence followed by a girl saying “who”? It was the first time I felt as if I existed. I was invisible but my writing was not.”

Caitlin Russell


“My mom recently showed me a copy of my first poem, age 5. It went something like this, “I saw a fly, and then it died, goodbye.” No turning back after that masterpiece!”

Erin Henson Croley

You can visit her website at: www.errantintersection.com

“My mother had a severe mental illness. Our family never traveled or had people over to visit. The curtains were always drawn and the house remained thick with the smell of cigarettes and black coffee. My life was full of abuse, spiraling with the fear of what each night might bring. Writing allowed me to create a different course of events with beautiful scenery doused with joy and freedom. So much was out of my hands growing up that being the only one who controlled the characters and plot lines I wrote empowered me. I could also travel to wondrous places in my imagination. If I was able to write eloquently enough, each line dripping with detail, I could revisit them in my darkest days. I did it to survive. I still do.”

Jannine Phelps



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