Written by Emily Harstone July 13th, 2017

Arbordale Publishing: Accepting Manuscripts

Our mission is to get children excited about science and math through fun-to-read picture book stories. We are primarily looking for fiction manuscripts with non-fiction facts woven into the story, although we will also consider some non-fiction stories. In every manuscript we look for a “cuddle factor” that will make parents and children want to read it together.

This children’s publisher focuses on science and math books that parents and children read together, meaning they offer family focused rather than school focused learning.

All of the books have a 2-6 page non-fiction section in the back that focuses on reinforcing the educational components of the book. The author does not have to create this section but they have to provide facts that will be incorporated into this section.

All manuscripts must be less than a thousand words in length and meet the following criteria.

  • Fun to read – mostly fiction with non-fiction facts woven into the story. We are NOT looking for pure “text-book” non-fiction

  • National or regional in scope

  • Must relate to science and math subjects taught at the elementary school level. Any manuscripts with a social studies connection (culture, history, geography) must also contain a math or science component.

  • Must be marketable through a niche market such as zoo, aquarium, or museum gift shop

They are also open to bilingual texts in Spanish and English. They have a lot of other very specific requirements. Make sure to look over their submission page carefully before submitting. This is a really niche publisher that does have a marketing plan.

All submissions must be made via email. It is a good idea to browse their catalog to get a better feel for the books they publish.

To learn more read their complete submission guidelines here.


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