Written by A Guest Author March 31st, 2016

Asimov’s Science Fiction: Always Accepting Unpublished Fiction

Written by Eleanor Matama

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine is one of the better-paying markets there is out there, for science fiction content. This science fiction magazine predominantly favors character-oriented short stories and poetry.

Asimov’s Science Fiction is very flexible as to what constitutes a short story. You can submit a short story between 1000-20,000 words for consideration without worrying about it being rejected. Any science fiction manuscript outside that range though, has a very small chance of being accepted. Asimov’s science fiction magazine also does not accept serialized works.

Poetry within the magazine’s acceptable genre is also accepted. Do make sure, however, that your poems do not exceed 40 lines.

In addition to science fiction, which dominates Asimov’s magazine content, work that qualifies as borderline fantasy, surreal fiction, and slipstream can also be published. Excessive violence and sex however, is not acceptable.

Asimov’s is good science fiction journal to write for if you can make the cut. Payment for poetry is $1 per line. Should your science fiction manuscript make the cut, Asimov’s Science Fiction will pay you 8-10 cents per word for every word up to 7500 words. That’s $600-$750 in case you are counting.

If your manuscript is much longer and goes up to the allowable 20,000 words, you will paid an additional 8 cents per word up to the maximum. That’s another $1000.

It’s worth noting that Asimov’s is one of the more popular science fiction magazines around. In addition to the decent pay, you will enjoy a credibility and visibility boost just by getting your work published.

In exchange for payment, you will be giving up the First English Language serial rights as well as certain non-exclusive rights to your science fiction work.

For the best chance of getting your work published on Asimov’s, ensure that your work is character oriented, with science as the backdrop of the story – a means to an end if you will.

You can easily submit your science fiction manuscript online for consideration by Asimov’s magazine. Email submissions are a no-no. What you need to do is use the Online Submission System provided in order to submit your work. That work should be in the .doc; .docx, or .rtf formats.

In addition to your manuscript, you will need to submit your cover letter, name, email address, and story title among other things. Your cover letter, while optional, is a great way to include your publishing history and length of the story. Otherwise, if you choose to exclude it, you should include your word count on the top right-hand first page of your manuscript.

Do make sure that you take note of your manuscript tracking number, which will be sent to your confirmation email.

Wait for 5 weeks to 3 months before inquiring on the progress of your manuscript. Should there be no reply after this period; make use of your tracking ID to inquire on the status of your story.

A word of caution: Asimov’s does not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions. Be sure to follow those guidelines.

To learn more or to submit visit their website here.


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