Written by Emily Harstone September 6th, 2017

August House: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Updated July 23rd, 2024

August House was established in 1978, originally it focused on publishing poetry but in the 80’s their focus switched to folklore and after that to storytelling. They no longer publish poetry, instead they focus on publishing children’s books, although many of these are influenced by folklore. They currently publish children’s folktales, picture books, early-grade chapter books, and storytelling resource materials.

They were a originally based in Little Rock, Arkansas, but in 2004 they were purchased and the headquarters were moved to Atlanta, Georgia. They also have a online imprint called Story Cove that focuses on global folk tales that work for classroom teaching. Their picture book imprint is called LittleFolk.

They have published a number of well known authors and illustrators. I highly encourage you to explore their back catalog to get a better feel for what they have previously published. I think that will give you a much better feel for what they are interested.They are only open to submissions via mail.

They do state on their website that while they are a traditional royality paying publisher (based of gross not net) they “typically retains subsidiary rights (book club, film, paperback, ebook, digital, audio, etc.)”. Which is unusual, especially without a stated percentage. If anyone has more information about this, please email support@authorspublish.com

Please carefully follow their detailed guidelines if you submit to them.

To learn more or to submit go here.



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