Written by Emily Harstone December 19th, 2018

Bancroft Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Bancroft Press is a small press that publishes a wide variety of work, both nonfiction and fiction. They publish memoirs and legal dramas and everything in between. They usually publish between 3-5 books a year, so while they are open to a wide range of work they actually publish very little.

Their website is geared towards readers, not writers, and the general quality of the covers is good (not great). They say they are open to children’s books and young adult books, but they have not published very many of either. I would lean towards submitting to a publisher that specializes in these categories.

They have been around for 23 years. They even mention how unusual that is to pull off without a niche on their about page here.

They try to respond to all submissions within six months. They only accept submissions via email or an electronic submissions manager. They ask that all authors submit full manuscripts.

Bancroft Press has got in trouble in the past which you can read about here, but it is in the very distant past.

They also had a major slow down because of the pandemic and didn’t publish books for over a year. They appear to be on the other side of that now.

You can learn more or submit here.



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