Written by Emily Harstone May 29th, 2014

Beachwalk Press: Closed

UPDATED MARCH 30th, 2021: No web presence online. Consider defunct.

Beachwalk Press is an independent publisher that was started in 2011 by Pamela Tyner. They largely publish romantic eBooks, but some of their books have been released in print as well. Most of the books they publish are on the sensual side. They are open to romances in all sub genres except for young adult romances.

Beachwalk Press has well-chosen covers, and the press advertises their books and sends out a number of review copies each time a new book is released. The royalties amount to 45% of the cover price for eBook sales originating from their website. For other retail distributors, they pay 45% of net sales. Royalties are distributed quarterly.

Their goal is to publish books within 6 months of signing the contract, and from what I have read they have so far not had an issue of meeting that goal. All manuscripts are edited by one of Beachwalk’s editors after the contract is signed.

The About Us section of the site is worth reading, as it lists the genre preferences of each of the four editors at Beachwalk. Information like that can be very helpful when you are submitting your book. That section also lists the individual editor’s email addresses so that if you have any specific questions about what you read, you can email them directly.

Submissions are only accepted through email. Submissions can be no less than 15,000 words and no more than 75,000 words. They try to respond to all submissions within three months. The subgenre’s of romance they publish include BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Futuristic/Sci-fi, Gay/Lesbian, Historical, Interracial, May-December Romance, Meage, Paranormal, Suspense, and Time Travel.

They are open to re-publishing previously published books as long as you can verify that you hold exclusive rights to the work. If you were to sign with them, they would hold the electronic rights to publishing your book for three years.

To learn more about Beachwalk or to submit to them, visit their website here.


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