Written by Emily Harstone December 29th, 2022

BearManor Media: Now Accepting Manuscript Proposals

BearManor Media is a independent press that focuses on publishing nonfiction books about the entertainment industry. This includes work about radio, old movie, or television genre. This is how the founding editor describes what they are currently seeking:

We’d love to see books on voice actors, Muppet/Sesame Street performers, Harry Morgan, Victor Buono, Frank Nelson, Russ Tamblyn, Joe Flynn, Don Adams, David Tomlinson, and any of the unheralded supporting players.

We are also seeking more modern television titles. If you’re a fan of a TV show that’s been broadcast within the last 25 years, and you can interview crew/cast members to produce a detailed, quality manuscript, please let us know. One of our bestselling titles is The Gilmore Girls.

They publish in print, some work is hardback and other is softcover. I’m not sure about their distribution, as they never disclose who their distributor is.

For me the biggest warning sign on the site is on their about us page, where they say the following without backing any of it up:

The staff boasts fewer than a dozen top industry artists, publicists, and media experts. Our dedicated staff support authors as they head their own campaigns to generate reader excitement through targeted book signings, social media presence, and Internet-based channels.

BearManor Media continues to be a full-range publisher big enough to command respect in the market, yet small enough to preserve reader, writer, and independent retailer loyalty.

Most of the more recent books had a few reviews, but none in the double digits.

To learn more about their submission guidelines, go here.

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