Written by Emily Harstone September 27th, 2018

Belle Lutte Press: Accepting Submissions

UPDATED January 2020, no longer publishing books. Consider defunct.

Belle Lutte Press is a small press with the motto “Let’s bring exceptionalism back to the masses”. They published their first two books in 2016 and they have published one book since then, with one more scheduled to be released soon. They focus on publishing literary fiction. It is easy to get a feel for what they write by reading one of the books they previously published.

All of the covers are beautiful and striking. Their books have received positive reviews by some bigger publications and they have placed in the Independent Publisher Book Awards. The name of their distributor is not mentioned on the site.

They allow simultaneous submissions. All submissions must be made through their electronic submission system. When you submit, you must provide a maximum of thirty pages or three chapters of your work. You must also include a detailed cover page that mentions your acknowledgements, other publications, and pertinent biographical information.

To learn more, please visit their website here.


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