Written by Emily Harstone December 9th, 2014

BelleBooks/BelleBridge: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

BelleBooks was founded in 1999 by a number of writers of Southern Fiction. They focused on publishing works of southern fiction before creating the now substantial imprint BelleBridge, which is open to a wide variety of genres including, cozy mysteries, women’s fiction, romance, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, horror, fantasy, young adult, mystery, suspense, and thrillers.

They are currently seeking manuscripts in some but not all of the genres they publish. They primarily publish hardcover books, but they have started to publish e-book versions simultaneously.

BelleBridge books have won major awards, been Kindle best sellers, and been optioned to become T.V. shows. They have published a number of already established writers and they have launched a number of previously unpublished authors into successful careers.

Over the years they have developed a good reputation as a small publisher with a devoted and thoughtful staff. The books they publish receive publicity, they make sure that each book has blurbs from other authors on the back, as well as a synopsis of the plot. Many authors appear to publish a whole series of books with them, which is a very good sign.

Because they are respected and they do a good job, publication slots can fill up quickly. They can only publish so many books of a certain genre each year. They try to respond to most submissions within three months, but it generally takes more like six months.

In recent years they have mostly been closed to new submissions.

You can read their submission guidelines and additional information here.  To visit their website as a whole and to browse their past publication catalog, go to this page.


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