Written by Emily Harstone February 12th, 2015

Big World Network: Now Accepting Submissions

UPDATED May 2017: They are not currently open to submissions, and they appear to be dealing with serious issues. If they do reopen to submissions I would approach with even more caution than previously advised. 


Big World Network is a very unusual publisher that was founded in 2011. They release the stories they publish serially in 12 installments and publish the most successful ones as books.

Most installments are between 4-10 pages long. They call 12 installments a season and if the season is popular, it can be “renewed” for a second book in the same series. Individual installments are released in audio and written format.

Writers are not paid for a season unless it is published as a book, once the serial has been published, however they provide all their authors with editing, formatting, and cover design. So they might not be paying you, but at least they are providing other services.

If the season is successful, it is published, and you will be paid. At that point it will  receive an additional round of editing and will be released as audiobooks, books, and eBooks.

The stories they publish are both fiction and non-fiction and cover a wide variety of sub-genres. All authors whose completed seasons are compiled and published will receive compensation. Although they do not say exactly what compensation that is, it seems to be on a royalty basis.

They also publish holiday specials and mini-series’ that can be between 1-6 installments in length. If you have written a short story or novella and want to test out a relatively unknown publisher, this is a good way.

In fact, the shortness of the work they publish in general makes it appealing. Some of the completed published manuscripts are no more than 48 pages in length. So if you write novellas, they might be a good fit for you. Plus your work does not need to be completed at the time of submission.

For many writers, particularly those who are trying to learn new genres and grow their style, it could be a fun experiment to publish with them, without having to commit to writing a work of a more traditional length.

Submitting is easy. It is good to read or listen to a couple of the serials in the genre you are interested in, before submitting. Do not submit previously published stories.

Submit via email and make sure to read their release form before hand and state within the email that you have read and agree to it. Submit a brief description of your series concept and the first three installments.

If your work is provisionally accepted, you will be asked to provide the remaining nine installments. You do not have a deadline for providing these but the work can not be officially accepted and the series cannot start till they receive all 12.

To learn more visit their website.  To submit visit their submission guidelines.


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