Written by Emily Harstone May 5th, 2016

Blaze: Now Seeking Book Manuscript Submissions

Updated April 13, 2018: They are now permanently closed. Do not submit!

Blaze is a new print and electronic publisher focusing on publishing fiction books for young adults and middle grade readers. They seek to publish books in a wide variety of genres including fantasy, science fiction, and horror, as long as that book has heart. They want readers to finish their books feeling happy and uplifted.

Because they are new, they do not have much of a track record, but what they do have is mostly good.  The first book they published, Asleep, has sold well. All the covers they have released so far are excellent. The website is focused on selling books in a concrete way. All of these are good signs.

They have also continued to publish books on the schedule they set for themselves and they have clear marketing strategies, such as Goodreads giveaways for forthcoming book.

There is a warning sign, that successful first book is written by the editor of Blaze. Also, they are very new.  This is just their second full year of being in business. But so far they seem to be doing well.

Blaze publishes manuscripts between 55,000 and 120,000 words in lengths. All submissions should be made via email. Submit a query letter, the first three chapters of the manuscript, a couple of sentences describing the message your book contains, a short author bio, and contact information. They do not open attachments so all of this should be pasted into the body of the email.

They will consider work that has been previously self-published but they prefer work that is previously unpublished. They try to respond to all submissions within eight weeks.

Learn more at their website here.



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