Written by Emily Harstone February 6th, 2020

Blood Bound Books: Now Accepting Novella Submissions

UPDATED NOVEMBER 11TH 2020: They appear to be closed to general submissions for the foreseeable future.

Blood Bound Books is a publisher of dark fiction, they are best known for publishing extreme horror novels but they also publish supernatural and crime fiction, and most other genres that can be categorized as dark.

They publish eBooks and paperback/hardback editions via print on demand. I don’t think they have distribution, but they do have an email list and send out regular promotional emails as part of that.

Their covers are very hit and miss, and most of the books appear to sell ok, but not great on Amazon.

They offer authors 50% of royalties. Although they don’t specify if the royalty is net or gross, and it is important to clarify (gross is much more preferable).

They are currently only open to submissions in their Red Line Imprint. They opened to submissions on December 1st 2019 and will close on March 31st 2020.

The Red Line imprint focuses on publishing novellas under 50K words. The work can be in the following genres: bizarro, erotica, splatterpunk, body and extreme horror genres, dark fantasy and sci-fi, supernatural thrillers, and neo-noir. All stories submitted to the Red Line should contain a strong element of the taboo.

They are not interested in work that has been previously published. You can submit simultaneously but you must inform them that you are doing so.

Along with the general call for submissions for the Red Line imprint they are also seeking submissions for a new series within that imprint called “Rural Exploration” which you can learn about more if you scroll down here. This series will be read by editor John McGuiggan.

To learn more or to submit, go here.

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