Written by Emily Harstone December 5th, 2019

Blue Moon Publishers: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Updated March 26, 2021: Their website is still operating but they have not published a new book in almost a year, I would not recommend submitting to them.

Blue Moon is a boutique Canadian Publisher. They focus on publishing Literary Fiction and Women’s Fiction, as well as Young Adult and Middle Grade works. The stories they publish span various genres including contemporary, historical, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy.

Blue Moon also doesn’t really have distribution. They work with Ingram, which means that their work can be ordered by bookstores, but it isn’t in stock at bookstores, unless it’s placed through consignment. That said, some of their books have sold well on Amazon.

They have been around for at least five years, but it is hard to find out that much about them, except that they are open to international submissions, the founding editor has self-published a few of her works with Blue Moon under a pen name, and they are based in Toronto.

Authors also seem happy with the editing and publication process. The covers vary in quality, but most of them are good, and none of them are horrible.

Blue Moon is the sort of small press that relies a lot on author self-promotion, but it helps them create a better end product.

They ask all authors to submit two sample chapters and a proposal.

To learn more or to submit go here. There’s also a F.A.Q. section that is helpful here.

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