Written by Emily Harstone June 25th, 2013

Camaroc Press Review

Camaroc Press Review is an online literary journal that specialize in short prose and poetry. None of the short stories or poems they publish are over 550 words. They have low acceptance rates, a good reputation, and a very fast response time. If you write short pieces you want to submit here.

CPR does not pay all there writers, instead once a year they give out a prize to the author of the best work (or works) they have published. Sometimes they choose only one author, and sometimes they choose more. The prize is always the same, a thousand dollars. However if more then one person wins, the money is split between the winners.

I think this is a better option then all authors getting paid a small amount, instead if your work is accepted by CPR you will have an opportunity to get this larger amount, even though it is far from guaranteed.

CPR uses submittable, the easiest submission management system out there. If you are submitting flash fiction you can submit up to two pieces at a time, in the same file. If you are submitting poetry, you are limited to five poems at a time in the same file. They expect you to include a short 50 word biography with the submission.

The work they tend to publish is filled with images and clear language. The short fiction they publish tends to pack a verbal punch where as the poems appear to be more interested in ideas.

CPR tends to accept or reject submissions within three days so you can’t ask for a much faster response time. They accept less then 5% of the work that is submitted to them.

The website itself is very basic, they publish one piece of work on the main page at a time, and there are few distractions. It’s easy to navigate, and although it’s boring to look at, the design keeps you focused on the writing they publish.

In conclusion CPR is a great place to publish your work. They offer a prize to the writers they publish, as well as a wide audience, and another respected journal name to add to your list. You can visit their website here: http://www.camrocpressreview.com/




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