Written by Emily Harstone January 9th, 2014

Camroc Press Review: One Day Response Rates

If you want to be published, one of the worst things is waiting to hear back from publishers. I once received a rejection from The Harvard Review almost two years after submitting to them. By that time all the poems I had submitted to The Harvard Review had been accepted elsewhere. I had officially withdrawn all of them from The Harvard Review, but the new editor didn’t notice any of that on my file.

It can be frustrating to wait for journals to get back to you. Sometimes their answers can be worth the wait. Sometimes it is just plain frustrating. When you submit to a press with a quick response time, you know you won’t need to needlessly suffer.

Camroc Press Review is very good at responding to most submissions within a day, occasionally they take up to three days, but that occurrence is rare. Camroc Press Review is an electronic journal that publishes short works of fiction and poetry. They do not accept any work over 500 words in length. They gravitate towards short work that inspires some sort of emotional response in the reader.

Even though Camroc Press Review has a high turnaround time, they have a low acceptance rate. They accept under 3% of the work submitted to them. They are a respected publisher of micro poetry. They treat their authors well, they have quick response times, a discerning editor, and they have been around for a while. They have a name most writers of flash fiction recognize.

The Camroc Press Review accepts one piece of flash fiction at a time (no longer then 500 words) or up to five poems. They do occasionally reprint stories, but only if they connect with them strongly. When you submit to them make sure to include a short bio that does something beside list your previous publications. If you do not do this, they are known to make things up and print them.They accept all submissions through the popular online submission manager Submittable.

They do not pay all their contributors, however all poems and stories originally published in Camroc Press Review will be eligible for a cash award of $1,000 if selected as the Editor’s Favorite for that year. Sometimes the editor chooses more than one piece, in which case the award is split equally between the winners. To learn more or to submit, visit their website: http://www.camrocpressreview.com/


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