Written by Emily Harstone April 6th, 2017

Capstone Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Capstone Publishing’s motto is “Loved by kids. Trusted by librarians.” This is for a reason: For a long time they have been one of the most trusted publishers in terms of helping children learn to read and learn to love reading. They have been focused on this specific market for over twenty years. It is easy to find their books in libraries and schools. They also publish trade books that are available in bookstores, but their primary focus is the educational market.

The books they publish are aimed at kids and teenagers, mostly those who struggle to engage with reading. Much of what they publish for teenagers are educational graphic novels.

If you are serious about submitting to them it is important to make yourself familiar with their back catalog which you can do online here, or at your local library.

Their submissions work a little differently than most other publishers. This is what they have to say about it:

Capstone is keenly interested in meeting authors and illustrators.  In fact, they play an integral role, connecting with our young readers and often deepening the reading experience by interacting with them online.  Most of our titles are conceptually developed in-house and written and illustrated by freelance writers and artists.  However, we are interested in receiving authors’ manuscripts and writing samples, and reviewing artists’ portfolios.

They accept unsolicited submissions from non-fiction and fiction authors and non-fiction and fiction illustrators.

To learn more read their complete submission guidelines here.


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