June 14, 2021

28 Flash Fiction Markets That Pay

By Theresa van BaalenAre you dreaming of writing, but battling to find the time to write? Why not try your hand at something really short? Flash fiction is a genre of fiction that is defined as a very short story. They are also sometimes called sudden fiction, short-short stories, postcard fiction, micro stories, nanotales, or…

May 3, 2021

27 Themed Submissions Calls for May 2021

There are 27 themed submission calls and contests listed here, for writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Most of the calls pay writers, and none of the contests charge a fee. Some of the themes are: the hero’s journey; love; humans are the problem (a monsters anthology); Wight Christmas; night frights; fire; humorous mysteries; partners…

April 1, 2021

Announcing the Seventh and Eighth Winners of the Authors Publish Fund for Writers

In September 2020, we started a new fund for literary journals. You can learn all about this fund here. We selected the recipient of the fund using a random number generator. We are announcing the winners of both the March and April fund today. Thank you to everyone who has applied. Journals who have already…

March 29, 2021

34 Manuscript Publishers with Geographic Restrictions

All of the presses on this list meet all but one of our guiding principles. All of these presses only accept work from writers with a specific geographic region or nationality. Because of that, we have never reviewed these presses, but they are still good presses. This is our update of the initial list, which…

March 11, 2021

8 Mystery, Suspense, and Crime Fiction Markets Open Now

Apart from the highly popular Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, there are several magazines that publish mystery, suspense, and crime fiction. They have a range of tastes and requirements, from cozies to police procedurals to gritty crime. Here are some that are open now for submissions. They are in no…

March 8, 2021

What is a Chapbook + 8 Chapbook Publishers

Chapbooks are very small books, usually no more than 30 pages in length, 50 at the most. They frequently have no spine and are often bound with staples. They have been around for a long time, at least since the 16th century, when they were associated with fiction, but now they almost always function as…

March 1, 2021

20 Themed Submission Calls for Writers in March 2021

There are 20 themed calls for submissions for the 16 markets listed here, of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Some of the themes are: neighbours, chilling crime, lost at sea, omens, magic gone awry, tough times, angels, beyond the stars, distanced, and escape. None of these charge a submission fee, or they have some fee-free submission…

January 28, 2021

Announcing the Fifth Recipient of the Authors Publish Fund for Literary Journals

In September 2020 we started a new fund for literary journals. You can learn all about this fund here. We selected the recipient of the fund using a random number generator. We are happy to announce that Sienna Solstice is the fifth recipient of our fund and will receive 150 (US) dollars. Sienna Solstice “is…

January 14, 2021

The Art of Describing Characters

By Gillian Haines Gary Provost said, “The story is not what happens; the story is who it happens to.” In other words, characters create and drive plot. They also make readers care about plot events. So how do we introduce vibrant, believable characters imbued with flesh, breath, and spirit that readers connect with? Create a…

December 30, 2020

What to Do While You Are Waiting for Publication

By Jenny England Publishing is a slow and often long-drawn-out process. So, if your goal is to see your words in print out there for the entire world to read, you will need to strap yourself in and prepare for what can be a stressful but ultimately satisfying ride. Waiting can be one of the…

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