Written by Emily Harstone September 22nd, 2016

Charlesbridge Publishing: Now Seeking Submissions

Charlesbridge publishes high quality books for children and young adults with the goal of creating lifelong readers and lifelong learners. In 2010 Charlesbridge acquired Imagine Publishing which expanded what they were able to offer. They now have extensive audio offerings. They also publish adult nonfiction, cookbooks, and puzzle books.

Charlesbridge is still best known for their children’s books which are widely available at bookstores and libraries. They have published a number of beloved and well reviewed children’s books. In order to submit a children’s book to them you must submit it via the post. They are only interested in complete manuscript submissions. Illustrators are also encouraged to submit, separately.

Please review their catalog online to see what kind of children’s books they have previously published before proceeding.

Charlesbridge is just now starting to publish young adult fiction. They accept email or postal submissions of young adult fiction. They are only interested in complete manuscripts.

Imagine, their adult imprint publishes 8-10 new titles per year, primarily in the areas of history, women’s studies, gender studies, multicultural studies, politics, nature and the environment, as well as cooking, health, and wellness. All non fiction submissions should be made via email

In all categories they only respond to submissions that interest them. So do not include a self addressed and stamped envelope. However they expect all submissions to be exclusive submissions for three months. You should state “Exclusive Submission” on all correspondence. However after three months has passed, feel free to submit elsewhere.

To learn more visit their website here.


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