Written by Emily Harstone May 30th, 2018

Cobblestone Press: Now Accepting Submissions

UPDATED: No longer publishing new work. Consider defunct. Do not submit.

A small  print on demand and romance ePublisher. They publish sensual & erotic romance stories and short story erotica.  They have different guidelines and expectations for each of these categories. They release five to eight titles a month in a variety of eFormats. They are open to most subgenres and have a full list on their site that includes BDSM, Futuristic, and steampunk. They estimate their acceptance rate to be approximately 5%.

If you are submitting to a certain genre or line make sure you follow the specific instructions for that line. They also have seasonal themed submissions, for example to be considered for the Octoberfest anthology that celebrates all things paranormal, you must submit by the 1st of July.

Their covers are generally well designed and the website is well organized. Everything is geared towards writers not readers. Not all books have print on demand versions but many do.

They pay 35% of the cover price in royalties and it is be paid on a monthly basis. They currently ask for both electronic and audio rights.

They have clear and detailed guidelines that they expect their writers to follow, including formatting guidelines. They also have a very through FAQ section on their submissions page if you keep scrolling down to the bottom.

They consider previously published work as long as you own all the rights and query them first, before submitting. They accept books by multiple authors but the royalties must be split between the others.

To learn more about submitting to Cobblestone Press go here.


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