Written by Ella Peary October 9th, 2014

CoffeeShop Blues Journal: Open to Submissions

Coffeeshop Blues Journal is a new print literary magazine produced by Coreopsis Publications. Coreopsis Publications, was founded in 2004. The publishing company is based out of Florida and focuses on publishing novels set in that region. They are associated with several local arts organizations. The company is owned by David Stewart and Jeremy Frost. All of the novels they have published are their own, however the literary journal publishes work by other authors and does not focus specifically on any region. They are open to submissions from poets and writers regardless of geographic location. They publish poetry, prose, and off the beaten path international travel stories.

Coffeeshop Blues Journal should have a quick turn around rate as they are open to submissions till the 26th of October and the issue is published by the end of November. This means that you should know relatively quickly if your work was accepted or not. Turnaround time that is this quick, is very unusual for a print journal

I am wary of the website and the publishing company, as both seem to be rather homegrown and associated with self publishing, however the literary journal does not seem to have any fees attached and their first issue is available on Amazon with a number of good reviews.

If you are just starting out as a writer this seems like a good place to start, a small journal with print issues and involved editors. If you are more focused on prestigious and established publications this might not be the right fit for you.

All submissions must be made via email. Prose submissions should 3-6 pages in length. Poetry submissions can include up to 6 poems.

To learn more or to submit visit their website at: http://www.coreopsis.gs/submissionscontactus.html


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