Written by Mark Conte January 29th, 2015

Crimson Cloak: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Crimson Cloak Publishing is now open to submissions and is seeking submissions of any genre except erotica, so romance writers take note of that exception.  Crimson Cloak Publishing accepts submissions from seasoned authors as well as those from new emerging authors.  It doesn’t matter how experienced an author is, only that they are great writers and have written an exceptional story.  They are also looking for authors who will work to make their book a success.

Crimson Cloak is a fairly new publisher with an experienced editor, Carly McCracken, former owner of Alpha Wolf, which was taken over by Solstice in 2013 because of emergencies in her family.  She joined CCP in March and took over as sole publisher and editor in May of 2014.  CCP has a marketing director who also seems to have some experience in that field.

Crimson Cloak is a company run by editors and book professionals who not only care about the bottom dollar but also about their authors and their success and work with them to help make each book an asset for the author and Crimson Cloak.  For beginning authors, a new publisher is an excellent opportunity to have your book read and considered for publication before they start getting a thousand manuscripts a week.

Crimson Cloak is publishing eBooks and paperbacks at this time but will eventually also be publishing hardback and audio books.  Crimson Cloak published 6 books in 2014 and expects to publish 20 books in 2015.   They have accepted a middle grade book of mine which will be out later this year.  A word of caution.  They do not have an editorial staff to edit their books at this time, so they require your submission is spell checked and free of typos.  They are not going to edit your book for you.

In addition to publishing books, Crimson Cloak also publishes 4 anthologies a year with the profits going to a different charity for each anthology, so beginning writers can get their name out there.  The anthologies are distributed free to popular sites that will showcase your name, so there are no royalties for being in the anthology Contact Crimson Cloak Publishing to find out the theme of the next anthology of short stories.  CCP is not a vanity press or a partner press.  It is a standard Publisher and offers a standard author contract.

To learn more visit their website here.

Author Bio for Mark Conte: I have had fiction, poetry, articles, and guest columns published in 67 publications including  The New York Times and The Washington Post.  My latest books are The Ghost and The Death of Sherlock Holmes & Other Stories. I am a member of the Authors Guild and the Academy of American Poets.


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