Written by Sheritha Singh April 15th, 2016

Crimson Frost Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Updated May 30th, 2018: There have been reports by authors of non payment of royalties over a large period of time. Would avoid this publisher for the time being. Will provide updates when able.

Crimson Frost is a Canadian ebook publisher that was established 2013. They state explicitly on their website that they publish ebooks only.

Crimson Frost also publishes a blog which is linked from their home page and features the publisher’s “spotlight author”. This is a good marketing effort for the publisher to get their authors noticed. The blog tabs are similar to the ones on the homepage but it has a much more updated feel to it.

Prospective authors can also check out submission guidelines through a tab on the blog page. Crimson Frost runs pitch parties during the year for new authors and also participates in #Pitmad on Twitter. Authors interested in publishing with Crimson Frost can contact the publisher through an online contact form if they have any queries before submitting.

Only two members of the editorial team are listed under the staff tab. They have about thirty authors published with them. They publish a variety of genres ranging from young adult to erotica. Their submission guidelines are quite strict. They publish stories ranging from 5,000 words to 40,000 +. Their heat ratings vary from sensual to erotic. In fact, their racy, sensual books seem to sell better. You can read more about their submission guidelines here.

Crimson Frost publishes a newsletter which readers and authors can subscribe to and a blog where readers can interact with their authors. The publisher does not offer an advance. Instead they offer authors 40% royalties against book sales. The authors who have published with Crimson Frost have years of relevant writing experience and are quite happy to continue their relationship with them.

To learn more visit their website here.


Sheritha Singh writes erotic fiction under the pseudonym Lace Higgins. She was previously published by Breathless Press but now publishes her own work online here. Sheritha writes between studying, working as a lecturer at a community college, dreaming, eating and pretty much indulging in anything creative.  Sheritha loves hearing from fans. Please tweet @Shersinghzn.


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