Written by Emily Harstone

Crimson Romance: Now Accepting to Book Submissions

Updated May 2017

Crimson Romance is a former imprint of Adams Media, that was bought by Simon & Schuster, this year. They remain open to unsolicited submissions.

Crimson Romance is a digital-first romance line that is open to submissions in five popular subgenres: romantic suspense, contemporary, paranormal, historical, and spicy romance. They recently started accepting LGBTQIA+ adult romances that feature a strong emotional/romantic journey between two partners. Romances where both partners are male are particularly encouraged.

They are looking for previously unpublished full-length novels (between 55,000 – 90,000 words) as well as novellas (between 20,000 – 50,000 words). All authors are encouraged to to submit any works that have not been previously published in whole or in part in any media, that includes self publishing.

Crimson Romances primarily focus on the hero and heroine’s emotional journey together towards love. They only accept works that end happily ever after or happy for now. They are not interested in any other genre of books. However, they do claim to want romances that are a little offbeat, and that twist established themes.

Make it clear in your query letter what makes your romance different. They are looking for authors that have a strong online presence and are willing to promote their work online.

All submissions must be made online through email. If you have a completed novel make sure to submit the manuscript along with a query letter and a detailed (3-5 page) synopsis. Your query letter should include the goals, motivations, and conflict for your characters.

For specific submission calls, to learn more, or to submit, please visit their page here



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