Written by Emily Harstone June 4th, 2015

Crossroads Publishing

Crossroads Publishing is a large established publisher of Christian and spiritual writing. They should not be confused with other presses with similar names, of which there is at least one. Crossroads has published authors like Mother Teresa, Timothy M. Gallagher, Pope Benedict, and Bernard McGinn. They do not publish fiction.

They publish books on prayer, mysticism, theology, Catholicism, faith and spirituality. It is easy to see what they are particularly interested in publishing by investigating the subcategories of what they publish, which is easy to do on their website. Everything is very clearly organized and the website itself is easy to navigate.

Crossroads Publishing has good distribution and you will often find their books in the religious section of brick and mortar bookstores.

They accept unsolicited submissions. They try to respond to all submissions within six to eight weeks, although they acknowledge that this timeline is not always possible. After three months please query them. They do not always manage to respond to all submissions.

They have very clear guidelines for what they expect writers to submit. You can read those guidelines here. They place particular emphasis on new writers knowing their target audience and being aware of the other books currently on the market for the same audience. They provide PR support for their authors, but expect authors to promote their work through interviews, readings, etc.

Your manuscript does not need to be finished, however it should be close to completion at time of submission. Make sure to follow their guidelines and read their very helpful FAQ section which is included after the guidelines.

To learn more visit their website here.


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