Written by Emily Harstone July 25th, 2013

Cutthroat: Open To Submissions

Cutthroat is an established journal that has print and online editions. They are currently reading for the print only issue. They are very picky and accept very few submissions so an acceptance from them is a serious compliment.

They accept short fiction and poetry. Submit no more than one story (less then 5,000 words in length) per reading period. They do not specify how many poems they will consider at a time, but up to three would probably be a safe number to submit.

Cutthroat does not respond to submissions very quickly. On average they take over half a year to reply to submitters. This might be because they still accept postal submissions (although only if you include a self addressed stamped envelope).

They also accept online submissions. They use the popular submission manager Submittable, so you might already have an account with them.

Their goal is to accept well written stories and poems with an edge. You can read their online issues to get a better sense of what they are currently accepting. I did notice that they seem to gravitate towards poems with longer line lengths.

In conclusion Cutthroat is a good journal to be a part of because it is established and respected print journal. Although you might have to wait a while to hear a response from them, an acceptance from them is a significant compliment when they reject so many authors. If you are interested in submitting you can visit their website here:  http://www.cutthroatmag.com/



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