Written by Emily Harstone March 26th, 2014

Dark Futures: Open To Submissions

Dark Futures is an established online journal that pays their writers a small token payment. They publish short stories and poetry.They are interested in work with post apocalyptic or cyber punk themes. They are also interested in science fiction and horror, or anything that would fit under the heading of Dark Futures.

They are interested in work that has a strong sense of setting.  They publish a print issue once a year, and regularly publish stories and poems online. The editors are open to publishing previously published works and works that are simultaneously submitted elsewhere.

Because they publish work regularly online you can get a good feel for what they are looking for currently. Dark Futures accepts about a quarter of the work that is submitted to them. They take at least a couple of months to respond to submissions.

They accept all submissions via email, so the submission process is relatively straightforward, with a few guidelines to follow that you can read on their site.

Poetry can be any length, but the ideal story for them is between 500 and 2000 words. If it is longer than 2000 words they will most likely serialize it, by publishing it in two parts, with a week between the first part and the second part being published.

They don’t pay their writers much but they do pay them a token amount. Unpublished prose receives a $5 payment, previously published prose a $2 payment. Poets receive 10 cents per line for previously unpublished work.

To learn more please visit their website here: http://www.darkfuturesfiction.net/submissions/


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