Written by Emily Harstone February 25th, 2021

Deep Hearts YA: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Deep Hearts YA is a new publisher of fiction for young adults. They focus on publishing LBGTQ+ stories, in all genres and sub-genres, including aro and ace lead characters. They are primary a romance publisher, but romance does not have to be the main focus of the manuscript if self-empowerment or self-realization plays a central role.

Their covers are generally excellent, with a few exceptions. The website is easy to navigate, even if the logo leaves much to be desired. It does not disclose detailed information about the editors.

Deep Hearts YA releases between 2-4 books a year. They are an imprint of Deep Desires press, which publishes erotica and erotic romance and seems to have a different audience for the most part.

They ask for ebook, print, and audio rights from the author even though currently they only publish in ebook and print format. Contracts are for three years from publication, and renewed on a yearly basis after that.

They ask that manuscripts be between 50,000 – 80,000 words. Although there is some wiggle room outside of that and full details are given in their submission guidelines.

They ask that you submit by email, follow their detailed guidelines, and attach the complete manuscript.

Do not submit unless you think your manuscript is a good fit.

To learn more about submitting, go here.

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