Written by Emily Harstone July 21st, 2016

Desert Breeze: Now Seeking Romance Manuscripts

UPDATED October 2019: They are defunct.

Desert Breeze is an ePublisher that primarily publishes romance novels although they do dabble in other genres such as women’s fiction and Christian fiction, with or without romantic elements. Much of the romance they publish is cross-genre and incorporates elements of various genres ranging from steam punk to modern cowboy.

They have been around since 2009, which is a fair amount of time for an ePublisher, and some of their books have sold well, others have not. They do rely a heavily on the authors ability to promote the book, so take that into consideration.

Authors have had mixed experiences working with Desert Breeze. You can read more about that here. One of the main issues seems to come down to editing. They pay their editors in royalties, which is not a good practice if you want to retain quality editors. They also do not provide editors for all books.

They publish primarily sweet romance and the emphasis is not on sex. This is how they phrase it in their submission guidelines:

Here’s an easy guideline… If you can’t give us a short synopsis for your novel without explaining how sex moves the plot, or is vital to the plot, or if the plot would come to a halt if the two people didn’t have sex, then the manuscript may not be a good fit at Desert Breeze.

They have a lot of editorial preferences so read their submission guidelines thoroughly. Their preferences cover everything from Point of View (third person is preferred) to voice (active).

Their publication docket is already full for 2016 so any manuscript they accept now will be published in 2017.  Their publishing schedule is listed below.

Publishing releases six to twelve books a month, with three release dates a month on the first, the eleventh, and the twenty-first with two to four books at each release.

To learn more, please visit their website here.


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