Written by Ella Peary August 17th, 2017

Disclaimer Magazine: Now Seeking Submissions of Short Stories, Poetry, Commentary, Reviews, Etc.

Disclaimer Magazine is a London-based online journal of writing, art, politics, economics, and “other stuff.” They want to challenge long-cherished viewpoints and norms, to give readers a new angle of vision, and to add something meaningful to the global conversation. They showcase fresh young voices as well as seasoned standbys. As a publication, they’re socially liberal and economically less liberal, but they try to include both sides of the political coin: the radicals and the pragmatists, the idealists as well as the realists.

They don’t publish sponsored content, and they don’t include readers’ comments. If a reader has a comment, Disclaimer suggests they should write their own piece! Though they publish a good deal of political journalism, they give top billing to writers and artists who, according to them, represent our humanity. They think art is more important than practical work, like journalism or political activism.

Disclaimer Magazine is published frequently online, and accepts submission year-round. They’re always seeking short stories and poetry, as well as news stories, analysis, commentary, book reviews, film reviews, theater reviews, and music reviews. They’re also looking for artwork for the magazine cover.

Authors may submit work of any length. They accept submissions from all over the world. Disclaimer accepts submissions via email, not online or by post. Submitting authors can read Disclaimer online to get a sense of what they publish.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Disclaimer Magazine, please visit their website at http://www.disclaimermag.com/about/write-for-us/.


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