Written by Emily Harstone

Dr Cicero Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

UPDATED Sept 26th 2019: They appear to be defunct.

Dr Cicero Books is a small press that publishes literary fiction and poetry.

They are distributed by Small Press Distribution. Some of the books have great covers, others not so much. The website is visually appealing but it is a little hard to navigate, because it doesn’t have an easy way to switch between pages.

Dr Cicero Books is the kind of small press that publishes a very specific kind of book so browsing their catalog can be very helpful in terms of verifying if they would be interested in your book. Buying one of the books they published can also help.

They also have a sporadically updated tumblr for news updates.

They don’t have much in the way of submission guidelines but they are currently open to submissions. What information they do have, they list on their about us page. You can see their full submission guidelines, if you scroll down.

They ask that you just submit a “selection” from the book to their email address listed. I would suggest submitting an excerpt of under 30 pages.

They are also putting together a literary journal and are open to submissions for that as well.  There is a separate email address for that and more specific guidelines for that.



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