Written by Emily Harstone October 18th, 2018

ECW Press: Accepting Submissions

ECW Press is an established Canadian publisher. They accept poetry, fiction, and non-fiction submissions from Canadians. They only accept non-fiction submissions from international submitters.  I can not stress this enough – if you are not a Canadian, you can only submit non-fiction to them.

Within Canada, ECW Press has good distribution. They also have excellent covers.

To learn more about what they have previously published, review their catalog. In terms of non-fiction, they lean towards books that focus on some aspect of pop culture. But they also publish memoirs, including Jersey Tough: My Wild Ride from Outlaw Biker to Undercover Cop. The novels they publish range from literary to genre, including fantasy.

They accept submissions by post and email, but much prefer to receive submissions through email.

If you have not heard back from them in three months, assume rejection. They have clear detailed submission guidelines that they cover on their submission guidelines page. When you submit to them they do not want full manuscripts, just sample chapters and poems.

To learn more about their submission guidelines, go to their website here. They include information about their acquiring editors at the bottom of their submission guidelines page, and I encourage you to read through that information before submitting.



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