Written by Emily Harstone July 2nd, 2015

Eifrig Publishing: Now Accepting Book Proposals

UPDATED April 2018

Eifrig Publishing is a small independent publishing company that focuses on publishing children’s books. They also publish family psychology books, some non-fiction for adults, and books on education. They publish some eBooks. Their motto is “good for our kids, good for our environment, and our good for our communities.”

Their website is easy to navigate, they don’t mention much about distributors, contracts, or anything along those lines. However they are focused on selling books over recruiting new authors, which is a good sign.

They were founded in 2006. It is important to note that the owner of the company has self published one of her own books under an imprint of the companies name.

The covers of the books themselves vary in quality although the Children’s books appear to be thoughtfully illustrated.

They have very specific book proposal guidelines that focus a lot on marketing and expect a fair amount of market research. However, they are open to proposals even if the manuscript is incomplete, which is unusual.

You can read their complete submission guidelines here. You can browse their website here.


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