Written by Emily Harstone August 11th, 2015

Ellechor Publishing: Now Accepting Submissions

UPDATED FEBRUARY 2018: They are permanently closed to business.

Ellechor Publishing is a Christian publisher of print and electronic books. They have good distribution, both online and in brick and mortar stores. They started in 2009, but they seem to have improved over time in terms of distribution and cover design. They publish Christian fiction and non-fiction.

Ellechor Publishing also has a vanity publishing arm, but they make it very explicit on their website which option is which, and they state very clearly that they would never reject manuscripts from one of the traditional imprints and refer them to the self/vanity publishing arm.

Another red flag: While the website  is well designed and easy to navigate, the main page is more targeted at authors than at readers.

That said, the shop section of the site was easy to navigate. The covers looked professionally done.

The one author who has spoken publicly about working with them has said good things in terms of editorial attention and communication. They have quite an extensive staff for such a small publisher. Also all their staff bios are listed online, which is helpful.

They try to respond to all manuscript submissions within a month. Because of this quick turn around time, they prefer that you do not simultaneously submit your manuscript elsewhere.

According to their website they “have a growing market for books slanted toward women’s concerns and toward the needs of singles and Youth in the church.”

They have a very extensive FAQ section on their website, which you should read if you are planning to submit your manuscript to them. To submit your manuscript to them please visit this page.


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