Written by Bernadette Geyer

5 English Language Journals around the World

It is a common phenomenon with writers: once we start researching a subject, it tends to consume us until we don’t know when “enough is enough” and we can stop seeking more information. Is this a bad thing? If it keeps you from ever putting pen to paper, then yes. However, if it serves to inspire you to write more on the subject, then it’s a good thing.

This recently happened to me when I researched the subject of English language literary journals that are based out of countries where English is not the primary language. The article I recently wrote for Authors Publish featured six international publishing opportunities. I knew there were more, so I continued to research and have put together information on five additional international publishing opportunities for creative writers who write in English.

The existence of expat writing communities in Paris is nothing new. One of the communities of expat writers in the “City of Light” is called Paris Lit Up, and offers workshops and open mic evenings in the city. In 2013, the group launched the first issue of Paris Lit Up Magazine, which publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork from around the world. The annual magazine has published two issues so far, featuring work by Ivy Alvarez, Margo Berdeshevsky, and Alistair Noon, as well as an interview with Marilyn Hacker. The magazine is available in print or digital versions.

Based out of Amsterdam, Versal is an annual international journal that publishes poetry, prose, and artwork in both a print and digital version. Authors that have appeared in Versal include Roxanne Gay, Dora Malech, and Mathias Svalina. In addition to the annual journal, the group organizes VERSO / live jour-nal, which brings together a group of writers, artists, and thinkers for a monthly “curated” event they refer to as “a literary journal in live form.”

Founded in the Czech Republic, The Prague Review publishes literary works online in two ways. The web site’s “TPR is Lit” section publishes poetry and fiction, while “The Stream” is a blog that features all other types of writing. Recent writers in The Prague Review include Emari DiGiorgio, Donald G. Evans, and Kelwyn Sole.

Also out of the Czech Republic is The Literary Bohemian, a quarterly online literary journal that publishes travel-inspired poetry, postcard prose (under 350 words), and travel notes. Writers recently published by The Literary Bohemian include Kate Bernadette Benedict, Mark Lewandowsky, and Shoshauna Shy.

Taj Mahal Review is published out of India and focuses on poetry, but also includes essays, literary articles, short stories, and book reviews. The international print journal appears in June and December each year. The journal has recently published works by Maria do Céu Pires Costa, Steve Kilmer, and Albert Russo. The publishers select one or more authors from each issue for the Azsacra International Award. Selected authors receive an award certificate and recognition on the journal’s web site.

Resources for finding other international literary magazines include the valuable listings on NewPages.com, Poets & Writers, The Review Review, and in the annual Poet’s Market, published by Writer’s Digest Books.

Bio: Bernadette Geyer is a freelance writer, editor, and translator. She leads online workshops through The Writer’s Center (Maryland) and WOW! Women on Writing (California). Geyer is the author of the poetry collection The Scabbard of Her Throat, and has published articles in Funds for Writers, Freelance Writer’s Report, and elsewhere. Learn more at her website: www.bernadettegeyer.com



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