Written by Ella Peary November 23rd, 2023

Eucalyptus Lit: Now Seeking Submissions

Eucalyptus Lit is a new online magazine of poetry, prose, and hybrid genres. They publish a wide variety of writing, but they especially like confessional writing and, “simple, pretty things.” They’re looking for authentic writing that “plays with language in beautiful ways.”

Eucalyptus Lit will be published four times a year. Their first issue, which you can read online to get a sense of what they publish, features writing by seventeen contributors. The issue also includes two interviews, one with established author Ace Boggess, and one with emerging author Brian Guan.

Eucalyptus Lit accepts submissions year-round. Poets may submit up to five poems. Authors of prose may submit up to three pieces, totaling 5,000 words or fewer. Authors of hybrid or experimental writing may submit work with video or audio under three minutes, and work with up to five pictures. Submitting authors can expect a response within four weeks.

Eucalyptus Lit plans to nominate authors published in the journal for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. They also promote the work they publish on social media.

Eucalyptus Lit accepts submissions via email, not online or by post. They accept simultaneous submissions but ask that authors withdraw writing published elsewhere. They do not accept previously published work.

Eucalyptus Lit only accepts submissions that follow the guidelines they’ve posted online. Please read these guidelines in full before submitting.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Eucalyptus Lit, please visit their website here.


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