Written by Emily Harstone November 16th, 2014

Evernight: Open To Romance Manuscripts

Evernight is an eBook publisher of romance and erotica novels that is currently open to submissions from writers. They also publish print versions of some books. They publish a lot of books and have a relatively high acceptance rate. The authors that have published with them have had a mixed experience. A number of the books they have published have been on the Amazon Bestseller list, but rumor suggest that those books tend to be written by the owners.

The books they publish are all romance and erotica but they are open to a lot of sub genres within these genres. These sub-genres include YA Romance, Western, Science Fiction, Holiday, and many more. All of the sub-genres of Romance have to have a happily ever after (HEA) or a happy for now (HFN) ending. They also publish a number of anthologies, so they are open to short stories as well.

They are very upfront about their royalty rates. They are listed below.

Authors earn 45% gross royalties from sales off our website and 45% net royalties from our distributors. Anthology authors earn 50% gross royalties from sales off our website and 50% net royalties from our distributors.

They are currently accepting submissions of completed manuscripts of 8,000 to 100,000 words in all the sub-genres of romance and erotic romance that they publish, as well as some urban fantasy.

Readers seem to really be drawn to their covers, from reviews I have read, although I personally do not see the appeal, I am not their market audience.

They are open to most subjects appearing in their books. They will not allow the following subjects in their books:

NO pedophilia, bestiality, incest, infidelity, rape as titillation, necrophilia, underage sex, or depraved acts.

They expect the manuscript to be edited before you submit it, which most likely means that will not be edited much beyond that. Although they do not explicitly state that on their website. Individuals who have worked with them have commented on that fact. Also, they appear to be leery of working with agents.

However, in the years since this review was originally written, their reputation as a romance publisher has mostly increased but recently the lack of the promotion they do for authors has been questioned, along with other things. There is a very active thread about them on Absolute Write which has a lot of helpful information.

To learn more, visit their website here. To read their complete submission guidelines visit this page.


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