Written by Emily Harstone August 24th, 2017

eXtasy Books: Accepting Submissions

eXtasy is an eBook publisher that pays 40% royalties to all of their authors. They now publish Romance and Erotica.

They have an easy to use, well organized website that is clearly reader orientated. I can only describe the covers as lazy – two different titles by two different authors have the same covers! However, some of them are better than others. Also, they promote their backlist in an “oldies but goodies section”

In their own words:

We are a full service royalty paying eBook Publisher, which includes: Editing, Final line editing and proofreading, Cover art, ISBN number, and Digital publishing; print and audio are a possibility, but not guaranteed. Our standard contract is three years and for worldwide English digital rights that hold print and/or audio until we opt to release those particular rights after a set time.

They do expect all submissions to be edited before submitting. They only accept erotica where a complete story is key, they do not just want “sex for the sake of sex or a series of sex scenes.” They also have a whole list of other things they do not accept including underage sex, incest, and necrophilia. It is also very important to them that a manuscript is previously unpublished. They count self-published books as being previously published.

Please read all of their extensive submission guidelines before submitting.

To learn more, visit their submissions page here.


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