Written by Ella Peary October 8th, 2015

Failbetter: Now Accepting Submissions

Failbetter is an online journal of prose and poetry launched in 2000 with the aim of publishing writing that’s as unique as the writers who make it. It’s a writer’s journal, driving experimentation by fueling writers with author interviews, blog posts about the writing life, and discussions about the contemporary literary community. They like work that’s definitively new, the kind of writing that could have come from only one author: you. They want authors to risk their most prized possession, their own self. They publish work of all varieties, but prefer writing that’s experimental and literary. To get a sense of their style, you can read past issues online.

Failbetter is published frequently, with four issues released already this year. They accept submissions year-round. Submitting writers can expect a response within about eight to twelve weeks, unless submitting by post, in which case they can expect a response within about three to six months.

Fiction writers may submit flash fiction, short stories, self-contained novel excerpts, and novellas. They should submit only one piece at a time, up to 40,000 words. Poets may submit four to six poem. All writers should wait for a response before submitting more work.

Failbetter accepts work by email and post. Writers submitting by email should include their work in the body of the email, not an attachment. They accept simultaneous submissions, but they don’t accept previously published work.

If you’d like to learn more or submit to Failbetter, please visit their website at http://www.failbetter.com/Submit.php.


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