Written by Emily Harstone May 16th, 2013

Farrago: A Brand New Journal

Farrago is a brand new online journal that plans to publish twelve issues a year. Farrago will publish essays, short stories, and poems. The first issue will be published in June. If you want to be considered for this first issue you must submit before the end of May.

Farrago’s well designed website and striking art work, combined with its clean lay out and intuitive design, help make it more appealing than the average online journal. It is always an adventure to submit to a new journal, particularly the first issue, but in my experience it is always a risk worth taking. Editors of new journals, particularly ones that have put a lot of energy into designing a good website, tend to be more committed towards promoting their journal and the writers they publish in it.

Editors of more established journals tend to have less energy, but new editors are eager to prove their worth and the worth of the journal they created. Most of the lasting relationships I have formed with editors were formed with editors of new journals. Many of these journals are now established and respected, but they didn’t start out that way. Yet my work appeared  in the first issue, and often in later ones as well.

Farrago is interested in work that is clean, raw, and modern. They publish once per month. They are interested in poems, short stories, and works of political and social analysis. They accept simultaneous submissions, although they wish to be notified if your work is accepted elsewhere.

They accept submissions by email. Your work must be attached in .odt or .doc format, and must be written in size 12 Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman font. All submissions should be double spaced. After your work is published by Farrgo, you retain the rights to it.

I encourage submissions to Farrgo because if your work should be accepted you will get the opportunity to be a part of a literary journal right from the beginning. Visit their website at: http://www.farragomagazine.org/


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