Written by Emily Harstone December 23rd, 2021

Feral House: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Feral House is a small independent publisher based in Port Townsend, Washington state. They were founded in 1989 by Adam Parfrey who has since passed away. They publish unique and unusual nonfiction and they are particularly interested in documenting cultural movements. They publish memoirs, biographies, and many other works of nonfiction including history not found in text books, nonfiction for children, and work focused on mysticism and the occult. To learn more about what they publish go here, and scroll down half way. They do not publish fiction, poems, short stories, or plays.

Feral House also has a sister press called Process Media, which you can learn more about here.

Feral House has good national and international distribution. Their covers generally suit their subject. You can get a better feel for their covers and their general catalog here.

They prefer to work directly with authors. Their manuscript submission requirements are as follows.

“Please send a query email that includes:

  1. Overview.  A full description of the book and why it’s compelling and interesting to all readers. Please keep to a single page.
  2. Table of Contents.
  3. Total word count.
  4. Chapter Outline.  A one or two sentence summary of each chapter.
  5. Sample Chapter.  We need to see a sample of your writing and how the book is organized.
  6. About Me.  A short biography about you and why you’re the right person to write the book.
  7. Images. Let us know if your proposed book intends to have images and how many. Send an example of one or two images.”

To learn more, or to submit, go here and scroll down.

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