Written by Emily Harstone August 1st, 2013

Fiddleback: Open for Submissions

Fiddleback is an established American literary journal that publishes short stories, essays, and flash fiction. They publish four issues a year online as well as one print journal per year. They only consider unsolicited submissions for their online edition, although if your work is accepted by their online publication they are much more likely to solicit your work for the annual print journal.

One of the really great things about Fiddleback is that they are also a small press that publishes full length work. Instead of relying on agents or paid reading periods they prefer to publish authors that they have published in their journal first. So by having your work accepted by Fiddleback you are putting your foot in the door.

The Fiddleback responds to most submissions within a month. Which means that you are waiting for a relatively short time to hear if your work is accepted. They accept around 5% of the work that is submitted to them for consideration.

You can submit one essay or a short story up to 6000 words in length at a time. They consider flash fiction that is less then 1000 words. You submit via email and they prefer .doc attachments.

The work they accept is diverse and compelling. They are interested in works that examines identity and place.

In conclusion the Fiddleback is a great, eclectic journal that supports the writers whose work they publish. Some of the links on their website are not currently working so I will link directly to their submission page: https://fiddleblack.org/submit. But you should explore the rest of their site as well and read a few pieces to get a better idea of what they are interested in publishing.



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